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Easy Hacks for Repairing Wall Damage

In a recent webinar with the fantastic Mr. Ron Klabunde, we learned a lot about the state of the current real estate market and mortgage industry.  One of the key points of the webinar likely came as a surprise to many – NOW is the perfect time to buy a home.  Why?  Because you can refinance for a sound investment!

Lower Prices

Most are aware that there has been a big shift in the real estate market recently.  After a record-setting period of time that saw housing prices sky rocketing and properties going under contract within hours of being listed, there has been a bit of a lull.  The housing demand has decreased, returning to a more normalized pace.  Simultaneously, the federal government has increased the interest rate so that it is now more that twice what some buyers paid a year ago.  The good news in all of this is that housing prices have finally fallen.  There is more time to shop for the right property, without fear of missing out, and you can buy a house for a price equivalent or less than assessed value.  

Why Buying Now Makes Sense Thanks to Refinance Options

There is data available to the general public, which showcases a very long and strong trend related to interest rates.

It may seem counterintuitive to many, but buying now in a period of low housing prices and high interest rates makes the most sense.  The date indicates that spikes in interest rates end within 14 months.  Given that it has been approximately 12 months since the start of the rate increase, our hypothesis that rates will soon come down is based on factual evidence.  

That means that you can buy now, and refinance in a few short months, and actually make out better than the person who bought during the housing surge, despite the fact that rates have doubled. 

Here is a video to help explain the refinance game plan: